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At MasterCom Holding UK we approach every challenge with an exploratory mindset. We don’t have easy, pre-written answers to our client’s questions; we have a constantly evolving, highly rigorous, and interdisciplinary framework for solving problems – and it works, because we hire individuals who know a lot, and grow a lot.


We operate within a cooperative framework, predicated on versatility, that puts data and research at the core of our approach. The flexible conceptualization and implementation of ideas allows us to make adjustments informed by ongoing analysis


As technologies and trends shift, we improve and build upon our methodology - constantly adjusting procedures from research and ideation, to implementation, and ongoing assessment.

"We empower our Teamto help shape our future

"We seek to cultivatean uplifting and supportive environment

"We striveto do the work we love

"We respect each other

"We exceed expectations




Ashraf Mohamed Ali is a successful entrepreneur and serves as the Founder and President of MasterCom Group Holding.

Ashraf is considered as having a “what’s next mind”, continually seeking new opportunities and building on his already successful career which has been an all-self-made achievement. Ashraf is incredibly connected within the industries he is involved with, and he acutely recognises trends to help others understand the shifts in market conditions. These sectors have included Telecommunications, Real Estate, Banking, Motor Trade, and a multitude of unique commodities, with recent times seeing his time focused within the Food and Beverage industry.

Ashraf’s passion is to build businesses. More recently his newest venture was establishing MasterCom Holding UK Ltd and MasterCom UK Food and Beverage Ltd.

Ashraf is fluent in 4 languages being Arabic, Italian, English and German.

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Kelly joined the team in September 2021. She has over 23 years of experience implementing and improving systems and processes in the Public and Private Sectors and has a broad range of working in different sectors including Food and Beverage, Property, Construction, Finance, Insurance, Events, Children’s Services and in more recent years Commodity Trading across Global markets.

Included in her breadth of experience includes working at Board level, administrating corporate Governance and has a proven track record of successfully working in and developing start-up companies.

Her passion now lies with joining as Head of Operations at MasterCom Holding UK Limited, where she is building the UK team to assist the Company in its longevity of success. She has implemented the company’s policies and procedures, been involved in securing Sales and Purchase contracts and more recently embarking in heading up the operations of the newly formed company MasterCom UK Food and Beverage Ltd.