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Business Model

MasterCom Holding UK Ltd (“MasterCom UK”) is establishing in the United Kingdom following the success of MasterCom Group Holding worldwide and is an independent company founded by the same owner, Mr Ashraf Mohamed Ali. MasterCom Holding UK Ltd specialises in the procurement and sale of commodities including Food and Beverages and was incorporated as a Limited Company on 30 September 2021. It is distinguishing itself from likeminded businesses by keeping up with the market trends in the industry and always maintaining an excellent customer service record and has already accepted the transfer of established contracts, relationships and partnerships that have been developed over the last 25 years of trading through the Group Holding.

We transact in high-quality products, with collective expertise, from places with plentiful supply, to places where they are needed most, all in a safe, reliable and responsible manner. The raw commodities are sourced from miners and/or producers and supplied into end-users and/or intermediary companies into end-users.

Through existing stakeholders, knowledge, skills and experience, the Management team is already a strong contender within the UK and International Markets, and it will continue to increase awareness of its business through marketing and Governmental channels.

MasterCom UK has already commenced implementing new lines to its product list under the newly incorporated Food and Beverage Company


We strive to go the distance to not only deliver but with a passion and understanding for both our clients and our team. We want to grow with our employees, encouraging them to reach their full potential which will in turn enable them to flourish with our customers and partners.