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Our approach for Copper Trading is transparent and sustainable. Our processes are simplified for ease of transaction. We do not engage in spot or speculative transactions and only work with long term reputable partners. Copper is one of MasterCom’s longest traded products having been involved since 2006 and to have more available resources MasterCom Group Holding invested in Copper mining in the Philippines.

We have secured long term access and an uninterrupted supply chain in Africa which is a definitive advantage for our customers, as its one of the most important sources of Copper and home to the most impressive Copper Belts in the world.

Elements Value Elements Value
COPPER (min percentage) 99.99% SILICA (SI/ppm) 0.3
IRON (Fe/ppm) 2 COBALT (CO/ppm) 0.2
SULPHUR (S/ppm) 4 ARSENIC (AS/ppm) 0.1
OXYGEN (O2/ppm) Nil BISMUTH (BI/ppm) 0.1
ARGENT (AG/ppm) 10 MANGANESE (MN/ppm) 0.1
LEAD (PB/ppm) 0.2 TELLURIUM (TE/ppm) 0.05
NICKEL (NI/ppm) 0.2 ALUMINIUM (AL/ppm) 0.5
SELENIUM (SE/ppm) 0.3 MAGNESIUM (MG/ppm) 0.4
ANTIMONY (SB/ppm) 0.1    


As international traders of Copper Cathodes, MasterCom UK offers extensive market access and unique value addition. We offer worldwide supply of Copper Cathodes Grade A with 99.7% to 99.99% purity free from all foreign materials such as copper sulfate, dirt, grease and oil.

These products are offered mainly on long term basis. MasterCom UK’s advantage is in its ability to secure long term sources. We guarantee our clients from all over the world, maximized continuity in supply of reasonably priced LME approved Copper Cathodes from Africa.

For packaging and shipment, bundles of copper cathode sheets are held together by steel strapping. We deliver Copper Cathodes in bulk or containerized shipments on FOB or CIF basis worldwide.


Through our strategic cooperation and stable market access we aim to secure long term supply of cobalt for our global clients.

Cobalt is one of the three naturally occurring magnetic metals in addition to iron and nickel. Cobalt has the highest curie point of all metals at 1,121°C and is used in electric batteries.

Our trading and supply of cobalt is concentrated on sourcing primarily from Zambia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The main source of cobalt accounting for approximately 85% of annual production globally, is as a by-product of nickel mining (about 48%) and copper mining (about 37%). Some 15% of cobalt is produced primarily from various metallic-lustered ores, for example cobaltite, erythrite and skutterudite. Cobalt is predominantly used in the preparation of magnetic, corrosion and wear-resistant high-performance alloys.


Through our strategic cooperation and stable market access in conjunction with Cathodes and Cobalt we offer significant quantities directly with refineries.

Used as raw materials in copper smelting, Copper Concentrates have a copper content of about 30% by weight. The remainder consists mostly of sulfur and iron.