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MasterCom UK Food and Beverage was established on 4th October 2022 and will be a subsidiary underneath the parent company of MasterCom Holding UK Limited. The food and beverage portfolio has grown continuously, and it was decided to diversify the product portfolio into a separate Food and Beverage Company hence the incorporation of the new company.

The brand Nour Foods will be traded through our new Food and Beverage company. We believe that with our development and adjustment capabilities, MasterCom UK Food and Beverage will be delivering the best high standard products worldwide due to the partnerships and contracts they have acquired with globally recognised manufacturers and distributors. Our leading products are Sunflower Oil, Poultry and Meat; however this is not limited and with our relentless commitment we are able to continue driving innovative products to places they are most needed and wanted.

Our food division is expanding rapidly, and our in-house team have extensive knowledge and experience in the exports of their agricultural products servicing worldwide customers.