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About us

The story of MasterCom Holding UK Limited (“MasterCom UK”) began with the Founder / President of MasterCom Group Holding (established on 15th April 2002), embarked on a new and independent venture by incorporating a new business in the United Kingdom. MasterCom Holding UK Ltd was incorporated as a Limited Company on 30th September 2021 to commence in an amazing new opportunity expanding his growing business empire. MasterCom Holding UK Limited will trade as the Parent Company to its subsidiaries.

The Holding specialises in the procurement, sale and distribution of commodities including Food and Beverages, Medical Kits / PPE and Agricultural products.

MasterCom UK transacts in high-quality products with collective expertise, from places with plentiful supply to places where they are needed most all in a safe, reliable and responsible manner. The raw commodities are sourced from miners and/or producers and supplied into end-users and/or intermediary companies into end-users.

MasterCom UK will distinguish itself from likeminded businesses by keeping up with market trends in the industry and always maintaining an excellent customer service record and have already accepted the transfer of established contracts, relationships and partnerships that have been developed over the last 25 years.

We have recently set up a new Company which will primarily deal with the Food and Beverage sector. MasterCom Food and Beverage Ltd was incorporated as a Limited Company on 4 October 2022 and will establish itself underneath as a subsidiary of the parent company MasterCom Holding UK Ltd.

Our mission is to establish an independent UK firm for MasterCom particularly within the Food and Beverage distribution industry.

Our vision is to be the leading market play in the UK through expanding the business’ commodities and Food and Beverage sector to supply MasterCom UK partners throughout UK, Europe and other worldwide destinations

MasterCom UK is known for its high energy, excitement and healthy living. We motivate our customers through our pride in self-development, charisma and lifestyle choices. The following are our core values:


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